Project plan


Existing plan

This four-bedroom apartment in the heart of Paris has been in the family for many years and its renovation is meant to modernize the space while sustaining the history of the location. With this project the Haussmanian scheme of the apartment is revisited. When entering the apartment, the pathway is reworked in order to ensure an appropriate dining area alongside the open kitchen, and the master bedroom is relocated into the old dining room with its own dressing and bathroom.

The hallway in the wing of the apartment leads to three children’s rooms of which one is meant to become a private studio to be rented, benefiting from its own entry from the service staircase. The design of this room has been conceived to become fully independent in a near future, with its own bathroom and a small kitchen area.

Apartment renovation
: Paris 9ème, France
Client: Private
Budget: 100 000€
Size: 125m²
Status: Delivered