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Project plan

Existing plan

The client, in his thirties, bought two adjacent studios under the rooftop, former maid’s rooms, with the desire to combine them and recover the attic space in order to gain height in the future space. He wanted to use this space to entertain friends, and to transform it into an industrial-style loft.

After replacing the structural wall separating the two rooms with a beam, we worked on the insulation of the roof and the framework in an effort to soundproof the space.

The developed project proposes two different floor heights to differentiate spaces. A wooden platform for the night area was created, overlooking the rest of the loft. The only enclosed space are the restrooms. The bathroom is a semi-closed space overlooking the rest of the loft with its glass wall.

    Apartement renovation
: Paris 16ème, France
Client: Private
Budget: 60 000€
Size: 65m²
Status: Delivered