Project Plan

Existing plan

Located just down the beautiful hill of Montmartre, the client bought this small 20m2 studio with a large attic situated on the top floor. The existing space was simply a large square room facing south with two windows and a bathroom, all in very poor condition. The client wanted to transform it to the ultimate versatile apartment, where he could work, play, cook and rest.
The great potential of the space was its brightness along with the attic that could almost double the usable space if integrated correctly. The view over the rooftops of Paris is breathtaking. Our aim was to make the most of this height.
Two mezzanines were created at different heights; the top one used as a bedroom and storage area and the lower one as a working area. In order to do so, the frame was well reinforced and a beam replaced, according to an engineer’s plan. In addition, two new skylights were added to add more light and views to the new spaces.

Our second approach was to create an open kitchen instead of the old closed bathroom, enlarging the living space, while creating storage space under the stairs leading to the mezzanine space.

The stairs are custom made : the base is integrated to an entry desk closet, while some steps become shelves. The guardrail is designed to help the steep climb up, as the steps are on a rather vertical slope. Instead of staying parallel, the guardrail increases its distance from the steps the more one climbs, following the hand movement rather than the steps.

Location: Paris 18ème, France
Client: Private
Budget: 40 000€
Size: 20m² + 17m² sous combles
Status: Delivered