Nursery Rooftop

Street viewView from the housing upper level 

General scheme

The project, which combines twenty-three dwellings (1324 m²), a nursery of forty-two cradles, a business and a hybrid space, « La Testerie », is divided into two groups separated by a garden: the building on the street houses a part of the dwellings and extends to the rear by the nursery; the other dwellings are located in the building under the rehabilitated hall on either side of an internal street. It is also here that « La Testerie » brings together over 1800 m², suspended vegetable garden, compost zone and barnyard terrace, with the ambition to boost the food and culinary sector and encourage sustainable livelihoods. « La Testerie » is fed by an urban agriculture plot over the Damrémont car park (off the plot). The operation combines experimental sites (FabLab), production and sale with an integrated restaurant and offers to accompany local start-ups. This ecosystem combines craftsmanship, design and technology in a process made in France. In addition, the nursery, run in Scop, explores new services, such as childcare at home by its employees. Finally, the team proposes innovative technical solutions, such as a digital boiler to supplement the collective heating system to heat domestic water by recycling the heat released by the computer servers.

La Testerie – coworkingLa Testerie – restaurant

Location: rue Ordener, Paris France
Program: 25 housing units, daycare, incubator
Surface: 4 600 m²
Budget: 10 M€
Team: Jean Bocabeille Architecte (PLAN01), OUI, BAC A SABLE, think tank BY / Plan02, BET HQE