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A circular urban walk

The urban promenade is meant to be a demonstration of circular economy, pedagogic and playful, diffusing culture, leisure and activities; a symbol of a sustainable, inclusive and intelligent city.

The interventions will be linked by 3 conductive wires: water, biological and technological materials, and energy, under 3 principles of the circular economy:

  • Transform waste into resources;
  • Use abundant renewable energy;
  • Produce locally.

The proposed program incorporates the principles of circularity: modularity, urban food, recycling, quality outdoor spaces, etc.

Programs will follow one another along the promenade responding to current urban problems.

Fast traffic

The Lowline is a productive walkway project, which places the respect of urban nature at the service of the inhabitants.

By reconfiguring the traffic on the boulevard, the pedestrian area, which has become a generous space, allows the provision of various programs on the entire promenade. An independent bike path is created, in two ways and without conflicts with pedestrians. A new pedestrian walkway takes shape at the level of public space to cross the Chapelle crossroads, with a planted platform in its center, surrounded by stepped benches. This urban belvedere dominates the Théâtre des Bouches du Nord and the industrial heritage of the aerial train.

Slow traffic

Its territory is under tension: this linear stretch of land lives at the expense of motorized traffic forming an interstitial space, neglected, abandoned to the drifts and misuses of the neighborhoods that surround it.

The ambition of this urban walk is to review the space given to motorized vehicles, and to re-organize the circulation, thus enabling a wider pedestrian median to be cleared. Some roads are deviated to the north side, allowing a continuity of the public space.


Green continuity

An important part of the promenade will be devoted to developing a biodiversity on this urban linear actually fully mineral. The return of nature in the city has proved its worth. It is part of a qualitative dimension for city dwellers and joins the ambitions of 100Ha for Paris.

Different types of landscaped spaces are proposed on this promenade: two agricultural greenhouses; planted themed spaces along promenades with different planted environments, green ceilings above major crossroads which will reduce noise and absorb pollution; green facades will integrate technical buildings, etc.

Urban planning & programming
: Paris FR
Program: A circular urban walk
Surface: 76 000m²
Client : LTF
Team: OUI