The Golden Circle

Evry is a city rich in institutions: university campus, great business schools, research centre and hospital complex that are all engraved in this territory. The city represents a cornerstone of the Grand Parisian economy, yet Evry must face its unattractive image of a city. On a one kilometer radius, OUI believe that the site has multiple speeds, and wants the Pole de Vie to summarize all these different speeds.

This radius of one kilometer constitutes the first circle of influence of the future Pole of Life. The duration of the journey on foot from a distance of one kilometer is estimated at twelve minutes, and having distinguished the programmatic nature of the buildings in this department, it is very likely that the first users of the future Pole of Life work today in this golden circle.

The program of Pôle de Vie

From the perspective of rebuilding its image and of improving its living environment, the SEM of Evry has launched a project of a “life centre”: hotels, restaurants, commercial facilities, sports, co-working space, residential units, kindergarten, etc. The centre will play a dynamic role in the city life: a space of gathering and exchange. The centre has the potential to become one the South entries of Grand Paris.


The Golden Rectangle: A fragmented territory

The Golden Rectangle forms an attractive land, sector of activity and represents an asset in creating a strong identity campus in the scale of Grand Paris.

At this scale, all the components of the territory are dissected in order to understand the relations of each of them, and therefore to consider the future relations of the project with its environment.

The Golden Rectangle is a complex territory: the public spaces are downsized to unwelcoming places in between buildings, forming a network of semi-private land. All of the entities are enclosed and impenetrable. From this semi-private network of supposed public places and the private entities, the territory is read as a fragmented and fractured land.

Its infrastructure reinforces the feeling: a railroad and a major road cut off the territory into pieces.

The Project will have to insert itself into a territory of abundant connectivity, but where the pedestrian does not have the priority.

Le Pôle de Vie

The Pôle de Vie is anchored in a homogeneous, complex, but especially divided landscape. Homogeneous by its tiresome, dilated architecture, with little variable heights; Complex by its low readability and spreading over a territory granted by the car; And divided by the abundant infrastructure. It is the place of a physical element triggering the awakening of an architecture in a sleepy, static neighborhood, lulled by the monotony of the

Research and plan for a mixed-use urban plan
Location: Evry, France
Program: Commercial space, offices, hotel, student housing, plaza, medical center, co-working
Team: Patriarch &co, OUI