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Designing the green corridor

Existing natural landscape

Proposed neighborhood development

Proposed neighborhood development

Indoor pool heated by the surrounding industries

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Proposed warehouse improvement

Together with Lateral Thinking Factory and City Tools, OUI have worked on an urban feasibility study for the largest single urban area of ​​industry in the Region of Brussels. A vast mono-functional economic zone, the studied site operates on the margins of urban dynamics, forming a caesura between Forest and Anderlecht. It is also a valuable reservoir of jobs and activities that are sometimes under-exploited. Based on an analysis of the existing situation and an approach that is both economic and urban, the objective of this mission was to provide a reference document defining a coherent vision. This vision was defined by architectural, economic and landscape guidelines and management options relating to the perimeter in the medium and long term, while ensuring that it is properly integrated into its immediate environment.

In this region that is growing rapidly but stuck in a confined area, requalification of this industrial zone in an urban area presents a real challenge for public authorities.

Urban feasibility study of an industrial zone
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Program: Industry, Retail
Surface: 142 ha
Client: Commune d’Anderlecht
Team : LTF (mandataire), CITY TOOLS, OUI